The Godoy Cruz government installed lampposts with solar panels, with which they’ll accumulate energy.


They are 27 lampposts located in a new green space which is being built where the low-income neighborhood Las Tablitas is.

“27 panels of 270 Wp each were installed, with a total installed power of 7.29 kWp, all of them connected to a 6 kW inverter. It is estimated it’ll generate an energy of 14,500 kW/h per year,” explained Diego Coronel, Secretary of Environment, Public Works and Public Services of the municipality.

That remaining amount of energy can be compared to what 7 family households consume during one year, though here the objective is to make sure all streetlamps work properly, and with the energy surplus put the expenses generated by the central lighting towers to the same level.

The area is nearly 25,000 square meters, of which almost 20,000 are green spaces. They also considered to put there a sport equipment space with exercising machines and a social space with the appropriate equipment.

The municipality’s investment was of $14,800,000, and also, close to the space, they carried out urbanization works in the Alianza y Progreso neighborhood, which included kerbs, shoulders, street gutters, asphalt and concrete storm manholes.

Translator: Gisel Presno