Arequito joined the Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change]


The president of the commune, Paola Forcada, along with the Environment team and RAMCC’s Executive Director, Ricardo Bertolino, were at the ceremony.

While discussing with Radio Casilda, Verónica Piccini, the secretary of Environment of Arequito, said: ‘the main objective of this network is the deterioration of climate change and choosing other alternatives regarding the development in town while taking care of the environment”.

She also added that regarding local management “it is very important that the authorities achieve this, engineer Ricardo Bertoliono who attended as a representative of the Network was the one who, 20 years ago, boosted along with Angelita De María the  environmental project that is still active nowadays in Arequito’. She also said that this will be helpful for all the region.

‘Taking this step will enable us to incorporate international projects, acquire projects, receive opinions regarding environmental matters and reach other places’ stated the secretary and added that the main idea is to monitor greenhouse gases in town to see how to reduce them.

To conclude, Piccini announced that it is the responsibility of everyone to start reducing, where possible, the effects of these emissions that are already felt in the region and by doing so, safeguard natural resources. “We are open to everything proposed by the neighbours”, she concluded.

Translator: Sofía Degraf