More LED-lights in Reconquista City


Within the framework of the improvement projects for value enhancement of public areas in Reconquista City, this initiative is developed and self-financed by municipal personnel.
Its objective consists in replacing all crane boom’s lights in the city. The starting point will be the neighborhoods of Asunción and Nazareth to continue from the outlying sectors of the urban area towards the center of the city.

Progress in modernization of street lighting is a resolution of Mayor Dr. Enri Vallejos adopted at the beginning of his administration. More than 2000 LED-luminaire with the latest technology have been added to the streets with more traffic.

This technology enables efficient luminous and optical performance providing greater durability and less energy consumption. Thus, Reconquista Municipality, being part of the Argentinian Net of Municipalities to face climate change, moves forward into the implementation of policies in favor of the environment towards a sustainable and friendly city model.

Translator: Eliana Coronoffo