The Town Hall of Venado Tuerto presents a plan of climate action to decrease greenhouse effect.


In 2015 a study was done by the area of renewable energies and local development network. From that moment, Venado Tuerto has an inventory of greenhouse effect gas emission

A year later, the study was updated and presented to the Argentinian Network of Local Councils of Climate Change (RAMCC) that the city is part of. This was presented to The International Urban Cooperation of the European Union and Latin America which promoted the exchange of experiences between cities of both continents.

Polluting gas affects the ozone layer and makes the temperature of the plane raise.

As a consequence, the local councils make their contribution and commit to lower that emissions, by promoting a series of actions.

"It is a commitment made by the Local Council and the community" stated coordinator Lorenzo Pérez.

To join the initiative four phases need to be achieved. Venado Tuernto achieved two of these: the signing of the letter of intent and the making of an inventory of greenhouse effect gas emission on a local council scale.

The next steps include defining an objective with a time limit to reduce the emission of these gases and establishing a plan of actions that shows how to achieve this objective.

Fuel and transport

At the top of this reference study we can find both fuel and transport as the strongest generators of polluting gases. And even if the industrial sector isn't registered because of its complexity, we can still observe other actions to which we should add home use of chemical products (sprays) with high levels of emission.

Among the group of actions that need to be implemented (some of them are already being implemented) we can mention, the use of public transport and bikes, the use of solar energy for electricity and heated water and the right treatment of waste.
In this sense, the projects of biomass and biogas, the great use of LED lights in street lighting or material recovery facility, are among the points in favor..

"According to the report from 2015, in 2014 we had more than 431 tons of carbon dioxide, as greenhouse gases emission.

"This is what Venado Tuerto emits to the atmosphere, both in the urban areas and in the rural area which in the case of stockbreeding, with the use of technologies like feed lot generates a lot of carbon dioxide emission because of the food consumption of the animals", added Pérez.

In the next 10 years

The mitigation plan involves a projection to 2030 and apart from local actions, they will propose to the Province stimulate with some kind of tax benefits to promote actions.

The record shows that a local council bylaw credits with a discount on TGI tax to families that use a solar collector in their houses and exceed a certain global consumption. The same is done to DRI tax to companies that produce goods or services related to renewable energies.

Although this plan of climate action and mitigation answers to an incentive from José Freyre who is the mayor now, it is possible to carry on with it if the community from Venado Tuerto makes a commitment 

According to the plan, the objective is that the city should, by the year 2030, avoid emitting 116.975 t CO2e.

The actions than should be done are: to achieve energetic efficiency in each independent town council, in shops and industries, in electrical appliances, street lighting, to build biomass-burning power generation plants, photovoltaic power generation plants, distributed energy, decrease taxes on efficient vehicles, promote sustainable transport, facilitations payments and promote the use of public transport.

Translator: Andrea Pagano