137 native trees were delivered by the Civil Registry of Villa General Belgrano, one for each child born.


Every birth which is registered in the Civil Registry of Villa General Belgrano is welcome with the delivery of a native tree for the families of the new born, by the Municipality. With this initiative, 137 native specimens were added in a year, to continue reforesting the town. In this way, we give a sense of belonging to each citizen, and together we reinforce the natural enviroment of the town.

As well as a symbol of life, trees regulate temperature, oxygenate the air, contribute to regulate rainfalls, protect the soil and are shelter and food for animals, insects and microorganisms.

We invite you to take care of those trees you have near... in your garden, on the sidewalk. Visit the VGB Counter Tree by clicking MAP and you may see where the specimens that are part of de local Reforestation Plan are being planted."

Translator: Bárbara Bueno