Municipality of San Isidro: More than 30,000 people visited Ribera Norte during the year 2018.


In 2018, more than 30,000 people visited the “Parque Natural Municipal Ribera Norte”of San Isidro for free; this is the first municipal wildlife reserve in the country,which preserves native species in a 50-hectare plot of land.

There are more than 320 plant species, 40 species of fishes, 12 ones of amphibians, 14 ones of reptiles, more than 230 species of birds and 13 ones of mammals.
Furthermore, Ribera Norte –set up 30 years ago – has a 1,300 metres road,which goes across thewhole land while showing a varied scenery such as the coastline, the lagoon or the overlook.

Translator: Francisco Javier Rodriguez