Villa General Belgrano improves its year-on-year recycling performance: 223 tonnes


The main recycled material was scrap (71,800kg), followed by cardboard (5,9250kg), glass (52,500kg), paper (27,640kg), plastic (8,370kg), aluminum (805kg) and others (1,800kg.)
It is worth mentioning that 300kg of expanded polystyrene were recycled by a machine specially made to reuse this material, which was built and set in motion in the RSU Plant in 2018.

The campaign “Descacharrando”, the PET collection spots, the double trash bins in the public spaces and the waste sorting in the Oktoberfest and in other events in VGB make this recycling possible and, thus, the reinsertion of 223 tonnes of materials in the market without polluting the environment.

At the same time, the environment department of the city hall of Villa General Belgranois providing the community with advice as regards the reduction of organic waste through the “Club del Compostaje”, which gives rise to a comprehensive measure in progress that seeks to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Translator: Mayra Soto