The RAMCC was present in Vilnius, Lithuania to organize a new project of Youth and International Cooperation. - RAMCC


The aim of the project, co-funded by the E.U. within the frame of the Erasmus + Programme, is to give tools and new experiences to the local entrepreneurs of each country.
Débora Dómina, the representative and coordinator of the programme in Argentina, stated that a meeting for interchange will be held in May in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, and that participants will have plane tickets, food and accommodation expenses paid.

In order to strengthen the local development of the towns that take part of the Net, the General Secretary of the adherent towns need to apply to participate in the youth experience and the people to participate must be between 18 to 29 years old, and need to have entrepreneur initiatives. The database is available in:

Those towns which are interested to welcome participants from the mentioned countries during their visit to Argentina from 5th to 14th of October can also apply in that link.

Translator: María Paula Domínguez