The Mayor of Tornquist, Sergio Bordoni, signed the adhesion to the Argentine Network of Municipalities in front of the Climate Change


Through the end of the year (2018), the Municipal Mayor signed the agreement where he agrees to comply with the objectives and deadlines of the World Covenant of Mayors, which means the assembly of the inventory of greenhouse gases, the mitigation strategy and the adaptation strategy to climate change.

Among all the actions already implemented by the local municipality was presented earlier on, in the Situation Room, the first stage of the "Carbon Footprint Measurement" project carried out by the Environmental Engineering Study Group (GEIA) of the National Technological University, in the framework of the signed agreement.

The Municipality of Tornquist also hosted the 6th Regional Environment Forum of the southwest of Buenos Aires, which was attended by OPDS authorities
The Secretary of Municipal Production, Ricardo Echevarría oversaw welcoming those present, and the Executive Coordinator of Environmental Control, Lic. Juan José Paladino who highlighted the importance of the meetings that allow strengthening the links and tackle and work together on similar problems, characteristics of the southwest of Buenos Aires.

The Secretary of the Municipal Development Agency, Gonzalo Iparraguirre, of the OPDS, was present; the Inspector Ing. Alejandro Merlo and the Environmental Tutor, Ing. Rodolfo Laurent, and the referents of the municipalities of Bahía Blanca, Saavedra, Puan, Adolfo Alsina, C. Suarez, C. Pringles, C. Rosales, Carmen de Patagones, Villarino, Monte Hermoso.

Translator: LEILA T. LEONE