A delegation of the RAMCC visited sustainability municipal experiences in France.


The monday 3erd of december the activities where gathered in the city of Chartres
In company of the Deputy Major of the city, Mr Patrick Geroudet, who is also the president of the Argentinian Group of United Cities of France, visited the town centre to observe its tools and practices of waste management, mobility and energetic efficiency.

Later on with the presence of the Vice President of the Conglomerate of Municipalities Chartres Metropole and the representatives of the Argentinian Embassy of France, where held a series of presentations on the municipal building where the responsibles of different areas explained some strategies for sustainable development in the city and the conglomerate.

“In this setting”, the director of the public lightening of the Metropole, show the process of renovation of lightening infrastructure towards efficiency.

Also, the Director of Waste of the Metropole, detail the strategic of waste management, based on the classification of materials, circular economy, and energy valuation.

The director of Natural Spaces spoke about the progress being made in the regeneration, preservation, improvement and integration of green spaces.

Finally, the Director of Sustainable development of the city presented to the delegation the general strategy in sustainability and specify some lines of work in mobility and energetic efficiency. Each presentation permitted exchanges of experiences with the delegation in a open and enriching dialogue.

Later on, after a shared lunch, the delegation made a visit to a wastewater treatment facility and energetic valuation on waste.

There, a technical specialist explained the integral system and specify functioning of the installations that provide service to all the conglomerate of Chartres.

The day’s work was closed with a visit to the Chartres Cathedral where a spectacle of lights and sounds took place.

The 4th of december the activities where concentrated on the city of Paris, where the first reunion was held with Cites Unies France.

Translator: Stefania Gherbassi