The Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change defines its strategy to gain international resources


Located in Rosario has signed a new Trust. The aim is to achieve its own, independent and transparent administration thanks to the contributions of its members and other external donations.

This important event took place on the 27th of december and many prestige people attempted. Some of them were members of Rosario’s government staff: Mayor Mónica Fein and her colleagues Carlos Briner de Bell Ville, Carlos Carignano de Camino Aldao, Tadeo García Zalazar de Godoy Cruz, Mercedes Altamirano de Los Molles, Adrián Tagliari de Llambi Campbell, Amadeo Vallejos de Reconquista, Alejandro Luciani de Soldini y Mauricio Tartaglini Villa Eloísa.

The Network serves as a great instrument for local public policies against climate change in Argentina. This Trust had the support of the Beccar Varela professional team and studies at Buenos Aires. Their creativity, experience and research were a plus.

Mayor Fein said that “each of the present people working for the network demonstrate commitment. We all have to get projects going with the best of our habilites and capacity and this work position is in the center as one of the best Network in the theme.

Afterworlds, Palacio’s of the Lions chief said: “this is an independent network far from any political affairs that can challenge a big global threat by locally means”

A long way back:

“The Network works for ten years and is coordinated by Rosario and created by 160 districts. At the time we have a new structure as a Trust looking forward to gain international founds and start several projects related with climate change” , Ricardo Bertolino, executive secretary describes.

Further on he added:  “There are some problems that might only be solved by active citizens participation. Districts emission of gases are the major cause of greenhouse effect, electrical consumption, public transportation, east and other issues are in the top of the list”.

And regarding the need for financing, Bertolino explained that "at the moment there is an international ethical bank made up of foundations, philanthropists and organizations that want to finance specific projects. This Trust will serve to place those funds and show concrete results in common projects that include small and big districts. Together, it empowers us. "

The participants:

The communal president of Llambi Campbell, Adrián Antonio Tagliari, reported: "We actively participate in the Network and work on several projects looking to take care the environment. We separate the waste, clean the dump in the open, but for small districts like ours It is difficult to reach the type of financing needed so this trust will be a valuable tool to obtain resources "

Amadeo Enrique Vallejo, Reconquista’s Major, valued the creation of this strategy: "It will give districts  access to financing lines of study for our mitigation and climate change adaptation projects".

When Carlos Briner, Mayor of Bell Ville, turn arrived he argue that "we traveled to Rosario worried because the highway was flooded and with a lot of water on the sides. Clearly Climate Change passes us very expensive bills. We join this Net and work together to achieve change"

Carlos Atilio Carignano, from Camino Aldao, recorded the initial works of some of the participants in the Ecoclubs and stressed that "the Trust is a transcendental step that should be an example to others. None of us knows which políticals ideals each of us stands for because our common fight is against climate change.

Tadeo García Zalazar, Mayor of Godoy Cruz, said: "This fact today speaks for the pioneer network in Latin America. Districts also work with an exceptional strategic  autonomy to benefit our planet and future generations. The next step is to keep catching and invite other to join the Network"

Translator: Maria del Carmen Teijeiro