The Annual Planning 2019 of the Argentine Network of Districts on Climate Change was carried out.


Representatives of member districts and the team of the Executive Secretariat met to evaluate the activities performed during 2018 and set proposals for 2019. The result of the work will be presented at the Annual Assembly of Mayors of the RAMCC to be held next February, where it will be put into the consideration of the mayors for its approval.
This was the first work day of joint planning carried out by the RAMCC, and the results achieved exceed expectations thanks to the enriching contribution of all the participants. This year 2019 will be a year with many activities, opportunities and challenges; the RAMCC will remain as active as ever. With clear goals and strategies, this dynamism will undoubtedly generate great benefits for the districts within it.

The activity, developed at the headquarters of the University of the Latin American Educational Center (UCEL) of Rosario, was also an opportunity to review and evaluate the work being done in order to identify future strategies to enhance their scope and visualize the results that they reached.

The planning work was not concluded at this stage, we will continue working on it until February and revising it later. And the contributions of all for this collective planning are welcome, so we invite all member districts to send us their contributions in writing regarding the issues they would like to address during 2019 and how RAMCC can support them.

We invite you to join us in 2019 with the same impetus as always, to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, to transfer your concerns and interests and to strengthen the network work that we have been developing.

Translator: Laura Gualtieri