The Municipality of San Isidro installed a new EcoPunto of eight openings in the Paseo de los Inmigrantes, in Villa Adelina


Last Saturday morning the Municipality of San Isidro installed a new EcoPunto in the Paseo de los Inmigrantes in Villa Adelina, where neighbors who separate waste in their homes can throw in a classified manner paper and cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, in a container of eight openings.

Mayor Gustavo Posse toured the place and said: "This is one of the most loved and cared for properties in Villa Adelina, and most used by its neighbors so it is important to have this EcoPunto here to continue promoting the culture of caring for the environment. This invites us to classify garbage and improve the functioning of urban hygiene.

Next to him, the Assistant Secretary of Public Space, Leandro Martín, added: "This is a place where neighbors can come to separate their waste and in this way re-integrate into the productive and economic system these elements that can be recovered and on top of that we take care of the environment.

The Municipality removes from the eight bins inside the container about 11 cubic meters per day of recyclable material. The circuit continues to a separation plant and the collected product goes to the Cooperadora del Hospital Municipal Materno Infantil de San Isidro.

"This is very good and easy to use. Here you take care of things," said Rocío Estechina, from Boulogne.

"With this, people will better understand how to recycle. This encourages cleaning up our town," concluded Aldo Tomarelo of Villa Adelina.

Translator: Jiovih Augustave