Young Local Leaders

Climate change is the main challenge facing humanity. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the continuous increase of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere since Industrial Revolution.

The consequences of climate change are already evident following the rise on the global average temperature which generates all kinds of impacts in different ecosystems. This global phenomenon has an impact on big cities of Argentina  -where about 96% of the population lives- generating  a leading role of subnational governments in climatic actions for their proximity to neighbors and Institutions.

To address this problem, the Argentine Network of Municipalities Against Climate Change (RAMCC) was formed in 2010, as an instrument of coordination  to impulse local public to fight climate change. Currently the RAMCC works with 193 cities and communes. These governments are distributed in 18 States, each one with different realities.

The network aims to develop institutional capacities that allow local governments
transcend the traditional role -merely providing public services- to assume a promote role of integral development and economy revitalization. In this way, sustainable processes are promoted; product of coordination with government, productive sectors and civil society. At the same time,  it seeks to facilitate the generation of new capacities  and stimulate rights and citizen participation.

One of the pillars of  RAMCC is to enable training instances for government officials
with a sustainable vision, providing decision-making tools that promotes mitigation and adaptation in local territories and also interaction with citizens for the joint construction of environmental issues solutions.

In this framework of citizen participation, the Young Local Leaders program is born with the
aim of consolidating a network of young people that links the new generations of political and social leaders and local entrepreneurs, enhancing their role as change agents of sustainable public policies and development actions.

To increase actions against climate change, it is necessary to coordinate and promote
initiatives of all society actors to spread experiences that may be replicable in different territories. The best way we can improve sustainability is by creating a conscious citizenship. The role of young people is being key around the world in terms of citizen movilizations, speeding up time in decision making.

Jóvenes líderes locales