Eco Awards Argentina 2019


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Eco Awards Argentina (Edition Godoy Cruz 2019) will recognize and publicly reward those Schools, Companies, NGOs, Media and Local Governments that, through practices, projects or other concrete sustainable approach, have made since 2014 and thereafter an innovative and outstanding contribution to the community in which they operate, within the Argentine Republic.

The Award seeks to recognize impact projects (environmental, social and economic) that have resulted in a systematization and operational structure aligned to environmental strategies.

The award is annual and divided into different categories (total 27 awards), which will recognize the best initiative compared to their peers.


Eco Awards Argentina (Edition Godoy Cruz 2019) provides a great opportunity to assess the contributions to the care of the environment and its positive impact through the following considerations:

• Public recognition granted by a jury of leading figures in the field, from the national, provincial and local levels.

• Become reference case and example to be followed by their peers in the field in which it is developed.

• Opportunity to share knowledge, with other experiences in different Argentine cities.


MUNICIPALITIES: This category will have 2 subcategories:

     * up to 100,000 hb
     * more than 100,000 hb

SECONDARY SCHOOLS: students from 1st to 4th year may participate with signed authorization from the educational establishment.

COMPANIES: They must have a company name and the person presenting the project must have an endorsement.

NGO: Must have legal status.

MEANS: Journalist with the endorsement of the medium.

For all cases, the application implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


For all applications:

• It is the responsibility of the contestant to base the environmental contribution of the project in the dimensions that will be evaluated, as well as its innovation, projection, budget, and impact (in mitigation of greenhouse gases and number of inhabitants), presenting results from 2014 onwards ( although it has been initiated previously) and the measurement tools used.

• The inclusion of quantitative and qualitative indicators that support the information presented will be valued.

• The writing will be delivered in the style of the contestant: clarity and power of synthesis will be appreciated.

Criteria for the evaluation of presentations:

• Innovation

• Capacity of the proposal to produce a novelty in the market or in the improvement of a previously used modality or system.


• Money allocated to the project in progress, and economic viability thereof.

Impact / REACH

• Capacity of the project to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and the scope referred to the number of people benefited.

Projection / Scalability

• Capacity of the proposal and its effects / benefits to endure over time. Reaction capacity, adaptation and response of the proposal regarding its performance if it increases significantly.


Participation is free and costless

Project: you must fill out the following form online:

Registration of attendees:

They must generate a video of 1 minute (see requirements of the presentation).

Once received, it will be analyzed in order to corroborate that it applies to the Prize. If so, the applicants will receive by email the compliance and the Presentation Instructions.

You can participate with more than one presentation, as long as they correspond to different categories. In these cases, each application must be registered by associating a different email.

Jury members can not be nominated, nor companies that are participating as sponsors of the event.

Participation in this Awards ceremony implies acceptance of the Bases and Conditions thereof. Submissions that do not meet this requirement will not be taken into account.

Presentation Requirements

The pre-selection process will be done with a video showing the project, who are the participants and why they should be selected for the next stage.

• The duration should not be longer than one minute.

• A minimum quality of 720p is recommended.

• The format should preferably be 16: 9, either recorded with a video camera, mobile phone or other device.

• The file format can be sent in mov, avi or mp4 type.

• Must be of own authorship. It is not allowed to use materials (images, videos, music, etc.) subject to intellectual property rights without having previously obtained express authorization from the owners. The organization does not assume the responsibilities that derive from an unauthorized use of materials subject to copyright. The participants will be the only ones responsible for any claim that for image rights could be made by the people that appear in the videos. Likewise, the use of materials -musical, photographic, etc.- registered under free licenses is recommended. If music is used in the video, it must be free of copyright or original of the participant.

• Those creations whose content includes violent, sexist, racist scenes or that violate the fundamental rights of people, care and respect of animals and the environment will be rejected.

• It must be done in Spanish.

Second stage:

Projects that have been pre-selected must present the project taking into account the following characteristics:

•         Pdf format

• Descriptive memory of up to 15,000 characters with spaces and / or 5MB

• Annex of up to 5MB

• It must clearly reflect that it belongs to the category selected at the time of registration.

• It must be aligned with the evaluation criteria described in section 4 (Innovation - Budget - Projection / Scalability - Impact (Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and population scope).


The awards ceremony will be held in the City of Godoy Cruz, Mendoza. The costs of transfer from the place of origin will be covered by the organization for the first positions of each category mentioned in section 3 of this document (2 people for each winner, and in the case of schools 2 students and a tutor or responsible) . The winner of each category will receive a prize statuette during the award. Additionally, they will benefit from the following prizes for two project members (and a tutor in the case of schools):

• Transfer from the city of origin to Chile, to attend the COP 25 (Climate Summit where the most ambitious sustainable development projects and actions in the world are exhibited).

• Tour of cities that develop mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change in the neighboring country / RAMCC

• Accommodation and food expenses during the stay (3 days to be defined)

For the cases of second and third prize, the costs of transfer to the award ceremony, must be covered by the participant. During the awards gala, they will receive a physical certificate of participation, as well as the possibility of participating in all the organized events and networking with the other participants and winners of the country. In case of not being able to attend the event, the certificate will be sent by email.


The panel of judges will be made up of the business sector, the national and provincial governments, the provincial Legislature, a non-governmental organization, the academic sector and the General Directorate of Schools of the Province of Mendoza.

If a panel judge believes they find conflict of interest in the qualification of a case, then they will refrain from rating that case.

The organizers, as well as the sponsors of the Eco Argentina Awards do not intervene, participate or modify the decisions of the jury.

The Technical Committee or the Jury in their respective instances, will reserve the right to consider a category void, or to withdraw an application from the qualification process if it is considered that the application is inappropriate for some justifiable reason.

The decisions of the jury will be unappealable.


The organization and the jury will keep strict reserve of the received information and its evaluation. The winners of the prizes will have the right to be called winners and may use this award in their materials. All registrants accept and know the right of Eco Prizes to promote by any means the winning projects.

Why in Godoy Cruz?

It is located in the Metropolitan area of Mendoza. It has a population of 204,500 inhabitants (estimate 2018), and an area of 107.3 square kilometers.

Since 2015, its mayor, Mr. Tadeo García Zalazar, developed his management plan based on the adaptation of the Sustainable Development Goals. To each of them a series of public policies and programs were applied to enhance them.

Among the main actions, is the installation of photovoltaic and thermal solar energy, the replacement of forty percent of the public luminaire, the program of promotion of renewable energies and sustainable private works, expansion of the cycle path network (22 new km in 3 years), incorporation of electric vehicles to the municipal fleet (6 cars and 3 electric bicycles), placement of 150 green points, digitalization of processes to reduce the use of paper, among other measures.

It is an active member of the Argentine Network of Municipalities Against Climate Change. It carried out the inventory of greenhouse gases since 2014 and in 2018 it presented the Godoy Cruz Carbon Neutral 2030 plan, being the first municipality in the country to develop this program within that period. It also integrates the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

It has the necessary infrastructure to carry out the awards, and the capacity of the province that during 2018 has carried out large-scale events such as the Mercosur Summit and the IDB-IIC Assembly

With this vision of environmental commitment that not only covers the management but also each institution and citizen that inhabits the department, it is considered one of the models to follow and hence the importance of making the first edition of the ECO AWARDS Argentina , in Godoy Cruz.

Translator: Agustín Lorenzatti