Building Capacities: New Urban Agenda and Smart Cities Development - Argentina


The aim of this document is to clearly establish the municipal invitation policies to the training activity to be held in the context of city-city cooperation program on the New Urban Agenda and Intelligent Cities.

Activity description:

This activity is developed within the framework of the capacity development activities included in the ‘International Urban Cooperation’ UE program. Innovative and Sustainable Regions and Cities - ‘Latin America and Caribbean Regional Action’ (IUC-LAC), Component 1. In this context, a 3-day event will be carried out, in which the New Urban Agenda and Smart Cities key elements will be presented,  good practices experiences of low carbon urban development will be shared and we will work together as regards the implementation of these concepts at a local scale and we will see how the private sector can accompany this transition.

The activity will be informative and interactive and it will promote peer-to-peer learning. For such purpose, each of the thematic axes will be divided into a presentation in charge of an expert in the topic and into an activity in the form of workshop in which emphasis will be placed on the implementation of the concepts at a local scale. (See tentative schedule)  The program will be complemented with a working day at the world presentation of Smart Cities in the city of Buenos Aires.

Lunch and coffee breaks are covered for all the attendees during this activity.

Dates: April 23, 24 and 25

Place: Rosario and Buenos Aires

Tentative Schedule

Day 1 - April, Tuesday 23
Morning Introduction to the New Urban Agenda (NUA) Presentation by national and international specialists.
Afternoon Group work about the NUA implementation at a municipal level.

Day 2 - April, Wednesday 24
Morning Best practices of sustainable urban development in Argentina. Presentation of the survey results carried out on the good practices in Argentine municipalities Participation of the implementing municipalities
Afternoon Group work for the successful adaptation practices in the specific case of the participating municipalities.

Day 3 - April, Thursday 25
Morning Trip to Buenos Aires to participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress
Afternoon Smart City Expo World Congress

The activity will have a maximum capacity of 40 people, which the 15 municipalities will not be able to exceed. Each municipality can take part in the event with up to 3 attendees.

This way, we can assure productive group work and that the moderators team of the activity can guide you in the most personalized way. This maximum number of people also enables the interaction among participants, increasing the chances of future coordination and synergies and creating stronger networks.